lifeblood: appearances: 2000-05-26: the echo lounge - atlanta, georgia (daemon records 10th anniversary show)

lucystoners (amy ray)
introduction and talking with crowd (amy ray and kristen hall)
(unknown) (kristen hall)
is anybody there (kristen hall)
faith (kristen hall)
happy birthday to daemon
introduction (amy ray)
drama queen (belloluna)
particle vs. wave (belloluna)
i'm not laughing (belloluna)
introduction (amy ray)
sister patricia (gerard mchugh)
more than i (gerard mchugh)
introduction (amy ray)
heaven on their minds (michael lorant)
what's the buzz (michael lorant and amy ray)
pilate and christ (gerard mchugh and amy ray)
gethsemane (i only want to say) (amy ray)
introduction (amy ray)
liontamer (three finger cowboy)
trouble yum (three finger cowboy)
2 foot of snow (three finger cowboy)
kissed (three finger cowboy)
introduction (amy ray)
parhelion (rose polenzani)
(unknown) (rose polenzani)
(unknown) (rose polenzani)
olga's birthday (rose polenzani)
introduction (amy ray)
lulu's walk (mrs fun)
everybody wants to be somebody elses lover (mrs fun)
undecided (mrs fun and amy ray)
jammin' (mrs fun and justin hale)
doctor zammit (mrs fun)
introduction (amy ray)
host for the notes (danielle howle and the tantrums)
talking with the crowd (danielle howle and the tantrums)
could be here (danielle howle and the tantrums)
hello kitty (danielle howle and the tantrums)
you came a knockin' (danielle howle and the tantrums)
conversation (danielle howle and the tantrums)
red candles (danielle howle and the tantrums)
spider writer (danielle howle and the tantrums with amy ray and michelle malone)
brand new dream (michelle malone)
grace (michelle malone)

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