lifeblood: appearances: 2004-11-10: count basie theater - red bank, new jersey

during the three5human's set:

jenny (emily with three5human)
tether (amy and emily with three5human)

indigo girls set:

fill it up again
devotion (with julie wolf)
hammer and a nail
perfect world (with girlyman)
power of two
shame on you (with julie wolf)
the wood song
heartache for everyone
love's recovery (with julie wolf)
become you (with julie wolf)
collecting you
let me go easy (with girlyman)
least complicated (with julie wolf)
put it in a blender
hey rose (girlyman)
get out the map (with girlyman)
dairy queen
our deliverance (with julie wolf)
closer to fine (with trina meade from three5human, girlyman, and julie wolf)


finlandia (with girlyman)

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