lifeblood: appearances: 2008-06-20: long beach terrace theatre - long beach, california

pendulum swinger
moment of forgiveness
fill it up again
heartache for everyone
power of two
ozilline (with brandi carlile)
hope alone (with brandi carlile)
world falls (with brandi carlile)
fleet of hope
shame on you
get out the map
sugar tongue
virginia woolf
dairy queen
last tears (with brandi carlile)
stand and deliver (with brandi carlile)
don't think twice it's all right (with brandi carlile)
kid fears (with brandi carlile)
galileo (with brandi carlile)
closer to fine (with brandi carlile)


tried to be true (with brandi carlile and her band)
rock and roll heaven's gate (with brandi carlile and her band)
least complicated (with brandi carlile and her band)

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