lifeblood: appearances: 2008-08-06: housing works bookstore - new york, new york (amy ray, benefit for live from home)

opener: arizona

out on the farm (amy ray)
blame is a killer (amy ray)
birds of a feather (amy ray)
bus bus (amy ray)
rabbit foot (amy ray)

lucystoners (amy ray)
let it ring (amy ray)
throw it all away (brandi carlile)
she's got to be (amy ray)
northern sky (brandi carlile)
black heart today (amy ray)
who sold the gun (amy ray)
burn (brandi carlile)
driver education (amy ray)
looking out (brandi carlile)
measure of me (amy ray)
the story (brandi carlile)
johnny rottentale (amy ray)
dreams (brandi carlile)
lazyboy (amy ray)
stand and deliver (amy ray)


cannonball (brandi carlile)
cold shoulder (amy ray)

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