lifeblood: appearances: 2016-01-03: terminal west - atlanta, georgia (benefit for save the libraries)

it's where my demons hide(ava beatty and sinney owujo)
how am i gonna be an optimist about this (ava beatty and sinney owujo)
two hospital trips (laurie ray)
(unknown) (laurie ray)
type o (laurie ray)
you're not (cara jenson)
school mornings (cara jenson)
(unknown) (bryson levesay)
(unknown) (bryson levesay)
karin slaughter on reading and libraries

fill it up again
olympia inn
get out the map
driver education
the wood song
land of canaan
southland in the springtime
fishtails (with jordan hamlin)
lay my head down
happy in the sorrow key (with jordan hamlin)
findlay, ohio 1968
shame on you
virginia woolf
go (with jordan hamlin)
love will come to you (with jordan hamlin)
spread the pain around


the rise of the black messiah (with jordan hamlin)
closer to fine (with jordan hamlin)

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