lifeblood: discography: 1983: here for you (emily saliers solo)

independently released cassette featuring emily saliers performing solo. it is not known how many copies of the cassette were issued or if there was artwork and if so what it looked like. this release is long out of print, and no copies are known to be circulating in the fan community.

this is how it's existence came to light, and all that is currently known about it:

"date: thu, 28 dec 1995 13:17:46 -0600
sender: indigo girls mailing list (
from: the searcher
subject: es (1983) solo recording
hi ho iglisters.......
kidfears here, back from a very long abscence from this list and the internet as a whole.
i am looking for some information about a tape which 'fell' into my hands a few months back.......
it is a solo tape by emily titled : here for you, recorded supposedly in 1983 (with extra guitar work by jonathan harder), and contains:
maybe it's the vision
i know that i love you
no trespassing
i hope i'm here for you
when your heart needs a home
gray new orleans afternoon
no one ever told me
half moon cafe
white flag
play it again sam
better life
what i am looking for is information about this tape..... who wrote the songs (emily, i presume), where it was recorded (some studio -- i know), etc.......
if you know anything about this tape, please email me.....
please do not email me looking for a copy -- i am in no position (this month at least) to do anything about it. when i can do something, i will post it.

track listing:

01. maybe it's the vision
02. i know that i love you
03. no trespassing
04. i hope i'm here for you
05. when your heart needs a home
06. grey new orleans afternoon
07. no one ever told me
08. half moon cafe (linked audio files from a different source) (wav)
09. the untitled song (linked audio files from a different source) (wav)
10. white flag
11. play it again sam (linked audio files from a different source) (wav)
12. better life

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