lifeblood: discography: 1986-11-xx - indigo girls (ep)

dragon path music

33 01/3 lp

the indigo girls first lp, was released on vinyl and cassette. the vinyl was pressed in black, clear, and blue, and there is no way to discern which color is inside without opening the shrinkwrap. this release is long out of print.


side a:

01. land of canaan (4:20) (lyrics) (listen) (background)
words and music amy ray

02. lifeblood (4:21) (lyrics) (listen) (background)
words and music emily saliers

03. history of us (5:19) (lyrics) (listen) (background)
words and music emily saliers

side b:

04. never stop (2:24) (lyrics) (listen) (background)
words and music emily saliers

05. cold as ice (4:03) (lyrics) (listen) (background)
words and music amy ray

06. finlandia (2:34) (lyrics) (listen) (background)
words and music jean sibelius

all songs by amy ray copyright (ascap)
all songs by emily saliers copyright chanson du coeur (ascap)

produced by frank french
co-produced by kristen hall
photography by marcia blackburn and nelda mays

amy ray - songs, vocals, acoustic guitar
emily saliers - songs, vocals, acoustic guitar
dede vogt - bass guitar
joan white - percussion
michelle malone - back-up vocals
caroline aiken - back-up vocals
frank french - production, backup vocals, the rest of the instruments
kristen hall - assistant engineer


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