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1994-01: bozeman (10/3), listlogs - 2000-10a:

i honestly don't remember much of bonnie's set. she did nick of time nearly, maybe even, every night. and a jackson browne song i also don't know the name of. ("boy, boy, this world is not your toy...this world is long on hunger, this world is short on joy." it's on his lives in the balance cd.) after bonnie, she, joan, emily, and dar sang a song i don't know the name of. but, again, i would be most appreciative if anyone could enlighten me. it went something like, "if religion was a thing that money could buy, the rich would live, but the poor would die. all my trials, lord, soon be over." my mom recognized it, but didn't know the name or who originally sang it. they sang it a capella and it was gorgeous. then, they all did angel from montgomery again and ended up with home, which is the song bonnie raitt did on the honor cd. that was cool.


1994-01: missoula (10/4), listlogs - 2000-10a:

all my trials (or whatever it's called. with dar and bonnie)

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