lifeblood: appearances: 2002-08-03: union chapel - london, england

introduction - emily
reading from tipping the velvet - sarah waters
reading from virginia woolf's diary - emily, amy, and sarah waters
virginia woolf
reading of a poem by frank stanford - amy
three hits
get out the map
reading of a letter from cecilia about the murder of ingrid - amy, emily, and sarah waters
nuevas senoritas
reading of shakespeare's sonnet 24 - sarah waters
reading from affinity - sarah waters
collecting you
reading about Lucy Stone - sarah waters
lucystoners (amy solo)
reading from elizabeth bowden - sarah waters
history of us (emily solo)
least complicated
reading of the transcript from a court case about the murder of 10 black men in the south in 1860s - amy, emily, and sarah waters
become you
reading of the sex scene from fingersmith - sarah waters
power of two
reading about death - sarah waters
she's saving me
reading of the drinking gourd - emily


closer to fine

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