lifeblood: appearances: 1992: 1992-08-24: the great american music hall - san francisco, california

01. cortez the killer(with matthew sweet)
02. chickenman
03. romeo and juliet
04. love will come to you
05. let it be me
06. freebird
07. tangled up in blue
08. danny's song
09. the night they drove old dixie down (with joan baez)
10. joking
11. the weakness in me
12. galileo
13. box of tissues (with disappear fear)
14. uncle john's band
15. ghost
16. down by the river
17. bartender's blues
18. three hits

the story is told that this show was professionally recorded and was set to be released as a promotional cassette in the fall of 1992. a handful of copies were made, for whatever reason they were shelved, but one was given to a long time friend/fan who lived in california on the promise that he would never copy or distribute it in any way, shape, or form. i was an acquaintance of that gentleman, and believed his story, although i never saw or heard the tape. he passed away suddenly a few years ago, to the best of my knowledge having kept his promise to the end. what became of the tape i do not know.

this was posted on the un-official ig e-mail list back in 1995, and was proported to be the setlist for the promo cassette:

indigo girls live in san francisco
epic cs promo:
fall 1992 (?)

recorded live at the great american music hall in san francisco, california, august 24, 1992. comes in a "rites of passage" box, but is a standard white label promo.

#48.1 land of cannan (live) ar
#48.2 hammer & nail (live) es
#48.3 bartenders blues (live) j. taylor
#48.4 three hits (live) ar
#48.5 freebird (live) collins/van zant
#48.6 tangled up in blue (live) b. dylan
#48.7 welcome me (live)+ ar
#48.8 summertime (live)+ heyward/gershwin
#48.9 danny's song (live) loggins
#48.10 joking (live) ar
#48.11 the weakness in me (live) j. armatrading
#48.12 galileo (live) es
#48.13 the night they drove old dixie down (l)+
#48.14 chickenman (live) ar
#48.15 uncle john's band (live) hunter/garcia
#48.16 ghost (live) es
#48.17 down by the river (live) n. young
#48.18 love of the common people (live) hurley/wilkins
#48.19 finlandia (live) sibelius
+ with joan baez

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